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 Wednesday, March 7
Chat wrap: Rob Dibble
 Welcome to's moderated chat room. On Wednesday, ESPN Radio personality/former Cincinnati Reds reliever/Baseball Tonight analyst Rob Dibble dropped by for his weekly chat show to take your baseball questions.

Rob Dibble
Dibble had a 27-25 record with 89 saves in seven major league seasons.

Dibble joined ESPN as an ESPN Radio host in June 1999. His primary role is on The Dan Patrick Show, which debuted September 13, 1999 and is heard Monday-Friday 1-4 p.m. ET. He had been co-host of GameDay on ESPN Radio (4-7 p.m. weekdays).

Dibble combined with Norm Charlton and Randy Myers to form the "Nasty Boys" bullpen which helped Cincinnati win the 1990 World Series in which he tossed 4-2/3 scoreless innings in three appearances against the Oakland A's. In the playoffs that season, he was named co-MVP of the National League Championship Series for hurling five scoreless innings against the Pittsburgh Pirates, striking out 10 and picking up a save.

Below is an edited transcript from Dibble's March 7 chat:

[0] Rob Dibble at 4:34pm ET
Hey everyone. Lets get started....
[1] ChiSoxFan from [], at 4:36pm ET
Hey Rob do you agree with the decision that Bud Selig made today about the Sirotka-Wells trade?
[2] Rob Dibble at 4:39pm ET
Yes. I agree with Selig's decision. To the best of my knowledge, the White Sox handed over all the available information on Sirotka and his bad shoulder -- MRI's, x-rays etc... Both teams knew what kind of damaged goods they were receiving at the time of the trade. Therefore, there should be no extra compensation to the Blue Jays.
[3] Gary Johns from [], at 4:40pm ET
Hi Dibbs How do you fell about the use of tobacco during games. Do you think the league should ban chew. I think it sets a bad example for kids
[5] Rob Dibble at 4:51pm ET
I'd like to see chewing tobacco outlawed in the major leagues. Not only does it cause cancer but it's a disgusting habit. I remember when I was in the minor leagues and I almost always had a dip or chew in my mouth -- it eventually led to me smoking cigarettes which my wife hated! It was especially bad when I would give clinics to high school and college kids and at least 75% of them were chewing or dipping as well.

Definitely bad habits and definitely sets a bad example to younger players.
[8] JOHN BARBIERI 4TH from [], at 4:55pm ET
[9] Rob Dibble at 4:57pm ET
The Reds are the latest team to show interest in Sheffield. Bob Daly and Gary are in the middle of a feud. The Dogers and Kevin Malone desperately need Gary's bat in the middle of the lineup. Unless Gary agrees to go somewhere other than Yankees, Mets or Braves then the Dodgers will keep him. It's kind of like the Lindros/Clarke situation in hockey. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't.
[12] redsoxfan4eva from [], at 5:04pm ET
How bad is Nomar's injury?
[13] Rob Dibble at 5:06pm ET
It's bad enough to keep the cast on until March 20th. Dan Duquette now says, "Nomar might not be ready to start the season with the Sox." So far this spring, Manny and Everett are a combined 3 for 23 without Nomar in the middle of the lineup.
[14] Kevin T from [], at 5:07pm ET
Dibbs, what does it say about MLB pitching when teams are still inviting 40 something yr. olds to Spring training (Orosco,Sid,etc....)that can't be the best that's out it?
[15] Rob Dibble at 5:09pm ET
Kevin, that is a good question. You really hit the nail on the head. Pitching IS that bad. When the GM's invite players like Sid, who has not pitched in four years, and bring him to camp -- even if he doesn't make the big league club, he could very well wind up in AAA as an insurance policy. As long as hitters keep getting better, you'll see more changes to the strike zone and more fields built like Comerica instead of Enron.
[16] Andy York from [], at 5:11pm ET
Do you think that the MLB will have to buy out teams like the Twins and Expos in the near future
[17] Rob Dibble at 5:16pm ET
The problem with buying out our desolving teams is that the Players Union will not allow you to drop 50 jobs. If the 28 teams can expand their rosters to accomodate the 50 players, than the union might go for it. But if you live in those two cities, you're going to get screwed. So, someone has got to lose somewhere. I liked both of those cities when I played against those teams. I would rather see a minimum salary cap instead of a desolve. In the case of the Twins, their owner is worth in the neighborhood of $2 billion -- I think it's time for him to spend a little of that on his team or the other owners force him to sell to someone who will.
[20] Rob Dibble at 5:25pm ET
Sorry everyone, the answers are not posting... We're going to call it a day. Next Wednesday, I'll be live from Disney World in Orlando, Florida. You'll be able to ask me more individual questions about the players in Florida.
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