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Thursday, March 28
Incident reportedly did not lead to trade news services

An incident during which Antonio Alfonseca ran and hid from a professional wrestler -- who also happens to be the Marlins' conditioning coach -- did not lead to the closer's departure from the team, the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel reported on Thursday.

The Sun-Sentinel reported on Saturday that Alfonseca cursed out Dale Torborg -- the son of Marlins manager Jeff Torborg -- in a weight room during the second week of spring training.

Alfonseca, who was required to monitor his weight daily with the Marlins, angrily protested a weigh-in request, cursing in Spanish, according to the newspaper. Torborg asked him to settle down, witnesses told the newspaper, and to get on the scales. Alfonseca then cursed Torborg, who is also known as "The Demon" in professional wrestling circles.

Several witnesses told the newspaper that Torborg became so angry that he went after Alfonseca, who had gone into a nearby area. Dale Torborg, who is 6-feet-6 and 270 pounds, could be heard screaming to Alfonseca that if he disrespected him again in such a manner, Torborg would physically harm him, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Alfonseca, no slouch himself at 6-5 and 258 pounds, was apparently so shaken by Torborg's response that he fled down the hall to a trainer's office and locked the door, according to witnesses. Torborg shouted at Alfonseca to open the door, but Alfonseca would not. Eventually others interfered and the incident ended without any punches being thrown.

The Marlins had asked Alfonseca to lose 15 pounds to help to relieve stress on his back. Alfonseca had surgery on Oct. 5 to repair a herniated disc.

Alfonseca was traded by the Marlins to the Chicago Cubs on Wednesday as part of a six-player deal. Baseball sources told the Sun-Sentinel that the incident with Torborg did not contribute to the reasons for the trade. Dale Torborg met with his father and pitching coach Brad Arnsberg and discussed the incident, and Alfonseca met with the coaches later, according to the newspaper. The pitcher and Dale Torborg have reportedly not had any problems since.

Alfonseca had shown up on time each morning for workouts and weighed in daily without being asked, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

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