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 Thursday, November 2
Will they stay, or will they go?
 By Andy Katz

Here is a look at some of the college underclassmen, junior college players and high school seniors who may enter the 2001 NBA draft.

Making a Break?
Carlos Boozer (right), 6-9, Sophomore, Duke
Has feelers already out with adidas to test his value.
Jason Williams, 6-2, Sophomore, Duke
Played well enough against Olympians to think about bolting.
Joseph Forte, 6-4, Sophomore, North Carolina
Good enough to leave based on freshman year, but showed he's not strong enough for NBA against Olympians.
Gilbert Arenas, 6-3, Sophomore, Arizona
Athleticism on wing has him a potential first-round pick.
Jason Gardner, 5-10, Sophomore, Arizona
Least likely of Arizona underclassmen to bolt, but could consider if everyone else leaves.
Richard Jefferson, 6-7, Junior, Arizona
Will be shocked if he stays after making himself into an NBA two-guard over the summer.
Michael Wright, 6-7, Junior, Arizona
Has the size but not the ball skills to bolt yet. But could leave if Jefferson does.
Jason Collins, 6-11, Sophomore, Stanford
His brother Jarron is gone after this year, which may make Jason think about leaving, too.
Jason Kapono, 6-7, Sophomore, UCLA
History shows players who declare and return usually don't come back a second time.
Dan Gadzuric (right), 6-11, Junior, UCLA
Hedging on reports that he will definitely leave after 2001. NBA scouts are strongly encouraging that he stay.
Jason Richardson, 6-6, Sophomore, Michigan State
Was clearly the best player against the Olympians in September.
Zach Randolph, 6-9, Freshman, Michigan State
Spartans are banking on two years for Randolph but a breakout season could cut it short.
Cory Bradford, 6-3, Junior, Illinois
Bill Self should be able to convince him to stay but a banner shooting year could sway him.
Frank Williams, 6-3, Junior, Illinois
Has been a threat to leave every season but is meshing better with Self than Lon Kruger.
LaVell Blanchard, 6-7, Sophomore, Michigan
Any more turnover in Ann Arbor and Blanchard could decide he doesn't want to rebuild the Wolverines.
Vincent Yarbrough, 6-7, Junior, Tennessee
Considered declaring but would be hard to keep for a fourth year after he could have gone from high school.
Brett Nelson, 6-3, Sophomore, Florida
Not strong enough but a deep run in the tournament could have him following Mike Miller's footsteps after sophomore year.
D.A. Layne, 6-0, Junior, Georgia
Declared without a sniff. The same might occur if he tries his luck again.
Gerald Wallace, 6-7, Freshman, Alabama
Family and staff are pushing for at least two years and Wallace is beginning to buy into the plan.
Joe Johnson, 6-9, Sophomore, Arkansas
Nolan Richardson might have more trouble convincing Johnson to stay than he did Scotty Thurman.
Jared Jeffries (right), 6-9, Freshman, Indiana
Thought about NBA after Bob Knight firing. An all-Big Ten year and a potential new coach could send him to the league.
Mario Austin, 6-9, Freshman, Mississippi State
Set to declare on the final day but pulled back. If the Bulldogs don't get to the tournament, he might exit for real.
Caron Butler, 6-7, Freshman, Connecticut
Coaches had to convince him to come to college. Getting him back for a sophomore season could be just as tough.
Eddie Griffin, 6-9, Freshman, Seton Hall
Showing no signs of leaving, but his name will surface if he has a decent season.
Troy Murphy, 6-10, Junior, Notre Dame
The NBA will be shocked if he stays in school for a fourth year. But Mike Brey could stun them if the Irish look like a contender in 2002.
Kenny Satterfield, 6-2, Sophomore, Cincinnati
Declared and then returned. See Kapono.
Andre Brown, 6-9, Freshman, DePaul
Got eligible two weeks ago and might parlay that into a one and done.
Alton Ford, 6-9, Freshman, Houston
New staff had to ensure that he would stay with Cougars, opening up the possibility he could choose the league this time.
Chris Jefferies, 6-7, Sophomore, Fresno State
If Tark retires, Jefferies may make his second transfer in three years and this time to the NBA.
Tamar Slay, 6-9, Junior, Marshall
Creating a buzz with the scouts this early could make him a sleeper to declare.
Eddy Curry, 6-11, HS, South Holland, Ill.
Could be No. 1 player taken in the draft if he declares. Look for a token signing, possibly with DePaul, to throw off agents.
Tyson Chandler, 7-1, HS, Compton, Calif.
As good as gone. Already let Nike know that he'll be in the draft. Colleges have backed off considerably.
Dajuan Wagner, 6-2, H.S., Camden, N.J.
Even though he signed with Memphis, Wagner is a threat to leave if he has another banner year.
Jonathan Hargett, 5-11, HS, still looking
Hargett might not have a choice if he's ineligible after Durham (N.C.) Emmanuel High closed.
Kwame Brown, 6-10, Brunswick H.S. (Ga.)
SEC coaches will be shocked if Florida's top commitment still arrives in Gainesville.
DeSagna Diop, 6-11, Oak Hill Academy (Va.)
If Curry and Chandler are being talked in the top five then Diop might consider joining the high school party.
Kelvin Torbert, 6-4, HS, Flint, Mich.
Committing to the Spartans probably means he won't declare. If he's the high school player of the year, then the lure could prove tough to ignore.
Amare Stoudemire, 6-9, HS, Mount Zion, Durham, N.C.
Someone will be the first junior to declare. Stoudemire might be the guinea pig.
Antonio Falu, 6-5, JC, San Jacinto (Texas)
Originally signed with Houston but is a threat to bolt after his sophomore year.
Kei Madison, 6-9, JC, Iowa Western
Kicked off the team, Madison will finish at Southern Union in the spring but if isn't eligible, he's good enough to try the draft.
Ben Eze, 6-9, JC, College of Southern Idaho
The NCAA's meddling with Muhamed Lasege's case could force Eze into the draft rather than Division I.
Kenny Brunner, 5-9, Junior, Selma International (W.Va.)
Spurned by Georgia, Brunner might try his luck in the draft.

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