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Question of the Day: Headline makers

Who will be the star of Media Day?

Mark Malone
Warren Sapp and Keyshawn Johnson
It will be difficult to upstage Warren Sapp this week. He's been waiting a long time to get here, and he'll take full advantage of the Super Bowl stage. Sapp is the voice of the Bucs' franchise. He'll have some fun, but for the most part, he'll give his insightful, entertaining and refreshingly (sometimes shockingly) honest opinions. Keyshawn Johnson will also be tough to out-talk. He's perhaps the NFL's best self-promoter. As Johnson's on-the-field production diminishes, a Super Bowl championship would bolster some of his claims and give him some validity. So, he'll come in with quite a bit of bravado. These guys are not only football players, they're entertainers. It will be difficult for anyone to have a louder voice and more entertaining spin on this week than Sapp and Johnson.

Merril Hoge
Jon Gruden
Gruden has the best one-liners in the NFL. He's nasty, nice, mean, funny. I guarantee you by the end of the day you'll see all of it. Unless he works out a deal with the NFL and doesn't have be there, Gruden will be the star.

Melissa Stark
Warren Sapp
It has to be Sapp because he will make himself the star. He's such a talker -- just the way he talks and runs his mouth. He'll say something crazy, and inevitably he'll become the story.

Joe Theismann
Keyshawn Johnson
On the world's greatest stage, I'm sure he'll find a way to make himself into a big deal -- he always does. From his autobiography titled "Just Give Me The Damn Ball," to being the media darling of New York City, Johnson doesn't shy away from attention. I'm curious to see how he'll handle himself.

Mike Golic
Warren Sapp
It is between Warren Sapp and Charles Woodson, and I give the edge to Sapp. He's so gregarious. He has that infectious smile, he's loud, he's boisterous. Woodson will speak his mind, but he's not as animated as Warren. It will be interesting because Warren will have fun with it -- and he should because he's one of the best in the league at what he does and is in the pinnacle game -- and he knows when it is time for business. It will be interesting, in the incredible amount of questions that he gets, if something sets him off. That's when the fireworks may start. Will someone try to set the fuse? He'll be firing, he'll be laughing, having a great time, but will someone try to push that button?