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Monday, July 28
Updated: August 8, 10:04 PM ET
Key dates in Dennehy disappearance

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Some key dates in the case of deceased Baylor basketball player Patrick Dennehy.

March 2003: Carlton Dotson answers an ad for pit bull puppies at a farm north of Waco. He and his friend Patrick Dennehy become friends with property owners Darron and Tammy Cox.

June 7: Dennehy and Dotson, who played basketball at Baylor last season and had been living with Dennehy since May, show Cox two pistols and a rifle they say they got because they were threatened and were concerned about their safety.

June 10: Dennehy and Dotson practice shooting the guns at the farm.

June 11: Dennehy's roommate Chris Turk leaves for a trip, and Dennehy is fine. The athlete's girlfriend in Albuquerque, N.M., Jessica De La Rosa, talks to him by phone, and he says he will call her the next day.

June 12: Cox sees the two at a Taco Bell in Waco. Dennehy attends his final class on this date, police say.

June 14: Dennehy tells his friend Daniel Okopnyi that he is worried about threats to Dotson by two of their teammates. Okopnyi receives a telephone call from Dennehy, who promises that he and Dotson will come to a party the next day. They never show up.

June 15: Dennehy's mother and stepfather, Valorie and Brian Brabazon, find it odd when the athlete doesn't call home on Father's Day.

June 16: Turk, who does not play basketball, returns from his out-of-state trip and finds that Dennehy's dogs have not been fed in days.

June 19: The Brabazons, after days of talking to Dennehy's friends and De La Rosa tells them she hasn't talked to the athlete since June 11, report to Waco police that Dennehy is missing.

June 23, 2003: Waco police file an affidavit seeking a search warrant for Dennehy's computer. In the affidavit is a statement that an informant told police in Delaware that Dotson told a cousin that he had shot and killed Dennehy during an argument.

June 25: Dennehy's Chevrolet Tahoe is found without license plates in a mall parking lot in Virginia Beach, Va.

June 27: Waco police issue a statement saying "potential suspects" in Dennehy's disappearance could include his teammates. Dotson, at home in Hurlock, Md., tells The Dallas Morning News that he talked to police that day. Police search the area near the Cox house.

June 30: A search warrant affidavit, filed June 23 when police sought to search Dennehy's apartment and computer files, is unsealed. The document cites an informant who says Dotson told a cousin that he shot Dennehy in the head as the two argued while firing guns in the Waco area.

July 1: Grady Irvin Jr., a St. Petersburg, Fla., attorney who represents athletes, says he has been hired by Dotson. Irvin says Dotson is at his Hurlock, Md., home but won't discuss the case. Authorities search several areas including a gravel pit outside of Waco with a helicopter.

July 3: Authorities use thermal-imaging equipment search property 20 miles north of Waco where Dennehy and Dotson shot guns days before Dennehy disappeared. Police say nothing was found.

July 9: Dennehy's mother said Baylor coaches told her that he had complained about being stalked before he was reported missing. Valorie Brabazon of Carson City, Nev., said she and her husband regret that their son never alerted them about his fears. If he had, said Dennehy's stepfather, Brian Brabazon, "I would have been on the first plane to Waco."

July 17: Dotson contacts Maryland authorities to discuss the disappearance of Dennehy and leaves the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office after talking with a detective and an FBI agent of his own will. Following the interview, police said there would be no charges filed based on his comments.

July 18: A handgun is found at an apartment complex where a Baylor basketball player lived, and police investigate whether it is related to Dennehy's disappearance, authorities said. Waco police Sgt. Ryan Holt said a maintenance worker at the apartment complex found the gun Thursday and turned it in to police. Holt says detectives are tracking the serial number to see if the gun was one of the weapons purchased by Dennehy or any of his friends. The gun was found at an apartment complex where Harvey Thomas, who recently transferred from Fredericksburg, Va., to play basketball for Baylor, lived.

July 21: Dotson is charged with Dennehy's murder and taken into custody in Maryland.

July 22-23: Police search areas around Waco based on information given to them by Dotson, but find nothing.

July 25: Dennehy's family meets with authorities in Waco for three hours and tours the Baylor campus. They hold out hope that Dennehy is still alive.

July 26: Police announce that they found a badly decomposed body Friday night in one of the areas given to them by Dotson. They cannot confirm whether the body is Dennehy. The body was taken to Dallas for an autopsy.

July 27: Medical examiners identify the body found Friday near Waco as Baylor basketball player Patrick Dennehy.

July 30: A preliminary autopsy report shows Dennehy died of gunshot wounds to the head. His death is ruled a homocide.

Aug. 1-2:Allegations surface about rampant drug use in the Baylor program and that Bliss' SMU program broke NCAA rules by paying players.

Aug. 5: Two members of last season's Baylor basketball team tell the Dallas Morning News that members of the team's coaching staff were present when Harvey Thomas played in a pickup game last spring during his official visit before signing with the Bears -- a violation of NCAA rules.

Aug. 7: Patrick Dennehy's funeral service is held in San Jose, Calif.

Aug. 8: Baylor basketball coach Dave Bliss and athletic director Tom Stanton resign. School investigators said they discovered that Bliss was involved in two players receiving improper financial aid and that staff members did not properly report failed drug tests.

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AllNight: Bill Foy, who was Carlton Dotson's coach at Paris (Tex.) JC, said the alleged murderer of Patrick Dennehy was never a problem.

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