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Tuesday, February 12
Updated: February 27, 11:05 AM ET
Building Block

Tony Boselli
Tony Boselli will anchor the Texans' offensive line.

The Houston Texans began stocking their roster in today's expansion draft and started by taking mammoth offensive lineman Tony Boselli with the first pick. Check out ESPN.com's pick-by-pick analysis of the draft.
•  Clayton: Draft puts Texans on right path
•  Pasquarelli: Texans still lacking pass rush

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Rules of expansion
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Expansion picks
Houston's picks in order, with position, former team and 2002 salary cap hit:

1. Tony Boselli
OT, Jaguars, $6,883,332

2. Ryan Young
OT, Jets, $563,000

3. Aaron Glenn
CB, Jets, $8,013,177

4. Gary Walker
DT, Jaguars, $5,250,000

5. Jamie Sharper
LB, Ravens, $2,875,000

6. Jermaine Lewis
WR, Ravens, $4,289,333

7. Marcus Coleman
CB, Jets, $5,480,750

8. Seth Payne
DT, Jaguars, $2,775,000

9. Matt Campbell
OG, Redskins, $875,000

10. Matt Stevens
S, Patriots, $565,000

11. Jeremy McKinney
OG, Browns, $405,760

12. Ryan Schau
OT, Eagles, $563,000

13. Charlie Rogers
RB/KR, Seahawks, $563,000

14. Sean McDermott
TE, Bucs, $300,000

15. Jabari Issa
DE, Cardinals, $397,666

16. Avion Black
WR, Bills, $460,000

17. Danny Wuerffel
QB, Bears, $555,760

18. Brian Allen
LB, Rams, $452,000

19. Johnny Huggins
TE, Cowboys, $300,000

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