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Thursday, February 14
Rules for expansion draft


1. The Texans must selected between 30 to 42 players or use 38 percent of their $71.7 million cap -- $27.2 million -- of their 2002 salary cap.

2. The Texans will have three minutes to select a player starting at 3 p.m. ET. An existing team has two minutes to pull back a player from their remaining list. If a second player is taken, the existing team can pull back its remaining two players.

3. The Texans are not permitted to selected a player from a team and trade the player back to that club.

4. The Texans assume the contract of the players they select. They inherit all the future prorations of their signing bonuses, any guarantees and any other terms of the deal.

5. The Texans must have 38 percent of their cap tied up on the roster on July 15. After June 1, the minimum salaries of all of those players are guaranteed.

6. If the Texans cut an expansion list selection and he re-signs with his old team, the existing team assumes all the signing bonus proration.

7. Any veteran selected by the Texans receives a $10,000 bonus from the team that will not count against the cap.

8. Any veteran player selected by the Texans will receiver a $20,000 bonus for reporting to training camp, but that won't count against the team's cap.

9. Any veteran player who makes the Texans active roster during the regular season receives a $30,000 bonus that doesn't count against the team's cap.

John Clayton is a senior NFL writer for ESPN.com.

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