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Mile High gets Broncos back on winning stride

  Monday, Dec. 28 2:29pm ET
Elway rolls a strike for 300
Randy Holtz, Scripps Howard News Service

DENVER -- Three hundred touchdown passes.

 John Elway
John Elway celebrates his 1-yard touchdown pass to Shannon Sharpe, the 300th TD pass of his career.

Think about that.

Three hundred. By one guy.

"Unbelievable," Denver Broncos backup quarterback Bubby Brister said, when asked about the latest of John Elway's burgeoning list of career feats after the 28-21 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

"I can't even imagine 300 touchdown passes. I told him in the shower I'd have to play until I was 90 to get to 300.

"It just goes to show how amazing this guy is. I'm around John every day, and he still amazes me every time I see him play."

This is how routine this record-setting stuff has become for Elway:

On the day he becomes only the third NFL quarterback to reach the 300-TD mark -- Dan Marino and Fran Tarkenton are the others -- it's not even the biggest statistical accomplishment of the day for his team.

Terrell Davis' 178 rushing yards, which put him in the rarefied air of the 2,000-yard club for a season, drew more attention than Elway's four touchdown passes to reach 300.

It was fitting that Shannon Sharpe -- on a 1-yard rollout in the fourth quarter -- made the milestone catch. With his two TD receptions Sunday -- he also caught a 17-yarder in the second quarter -- Sharpe now has caught 42 touchdown passes for Elway, more than any other player.

Elway was only moderately impressed, which was understandable seeing that 26 pages of this season's Broncos media guide are devoted to the exhaustive chronicling of his career. Within those 26 pages of text are 71 statistical charts and graphs.

"Hitting that was great because I had no real expectation I'd get it," Elway said of the milestone. "So that makes it more special. Three hundred sounds a lot better than 299. But these types of career records you tend to look upon more fondly after you're through playing."

That could be whenever the Broncos play their last postseason game this season. Then again, it could be further down the line.

Elway, 38, is playing like he's 28. And he hasn't ruled out coming back for another season.

"To me, when John reaches these milestones, it just shows all the work and sweat he's put into it over the years," said Rod Smith, whose 33-yard scoring reception in the second quarter was the 19th touchdown catch of his career thrown by Elway. "He's fought through a lot of hard times, and he's come out shining."

The flame inside John Elway still shines brightly.

(Randy Holtz writes for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver.)

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