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Scouting report
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John Elway
John Elway got to hold the hardware after what might have been his final NFL game.

Other Rounds:

Another Super ride for Broncos
In what might have been his final NFL game, MVP John Elway led the Broncos to a 34-19 victory over the Falcons.

Garber: Which way, Elway?
John Elway says he'll make a retirement decision later, but's Greg Garber says the door is open.

Frozen moment: A miss and bomb
Morten Andersen doesn't fail often, but his miss and a Denver bomb doomed Atlanta.

Broncos take title in stride
The celebration was mild, but even the players wondered whether John Elway would return next year.

No tears for Falcons
Atlanta didn't cry and didn't blame teammate Eugene Robinson after losing the team's first Super Bowl.

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  Garber: Elway defends his crown's Greg Garber says John Elway should thank the Denver defense for his second Super Bowl ring.

Secondary primary for Denver
Maligned as the team's weak link, Denver's defensive backfield came up big when it counted.

Notebook: Griffith is unlikely hero
Bits and pieces left over in the aftermath of Super Bowl XXXIII.

Fantasy Super Bowl
The Steelers upset the top-seeded 49ers in the finals of our all-time tournament.

Sunday Conversation with John Elway
He already had a ring, but now he has MVP honors and a big question to answer.

Chat wrap: Sean Salisbury
ESPN's analyst praised Denver's defense and offered inside info on the kicking game in his postgame chat.

Going out in style?
After winning his first Super Bowl MVP award, John Elway now faces a difficult decision.

Hot Rod rides past Falcons
The Broncos drew up an impromptu play for Rod Smith, and it became the turning point of the game.

Davis powers Broncos' attack
One Super Bowl MVP award was enough for Terrell Davis, who was content to let John Elway get all the glory.

Mistakes ground Dirty Birds
Falcons QB Chris Chandler threw three interceptions against Denver, ending any chance of an upset.

Shanahan already looking ahead to next season
Mike Shanahan insisted he wasn't ready to consider a third straight title, but his words gave him away.

Reeves rolls the dice
Caution screamed, "Try something else." Falcons coach Dan Reeves kept rolling the dice.

Tear gas brings rowdy Denver celebration to an end
Police used tear gas Sunday night to disperse crowds after the Broncos' Super Bowl win.

Atlanta fans: Wait until next year
It took fans just a few minutes to clear out of Atlanta bars after the Falcons lost Super Bowl XXXIII.

Super Bowl poll results users had their opinions before, during and after Super Bowl XXXIII. Here's how it went.

Knee injury sidelines Broncos' Sharpe
Broncos tight end Shannon Sharpe suffered a torn medial collateral ligament in his left knee in the first quarter.

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